School and University Cleaning

If you didn't know, dirty facilities have a negative impact on classroom performance. This is because dirty classrooms lead to lower attendance rates, more distracted students, and a difficult learning environment. Also, students maintain higher grades and better graduation rates in clean environments, therefore, making your university better academically and more appealing to prospective students. Bringing in a professional cleaning company such as Imbue Cleaning Solutions LLC reduces the need to invest in high priced maintenance equipment like pressure washers, steam cleaners, and floor buffers. A clean school sends a powerful message that's appreciated throughout the campus and the student's parents can feel confident while their kids are away.

We offer full janitorial services including:
● Cleaning of common areas
● Floor maintenance
● Gym flooring cleaning and polishing
● Carpet cleaning, extracting and encapsulating
● Deep cleaning services
● Cleaning of desks and countertops
● Interior and exterior window cleaning
● Wood or concrete floor cleaning and polishing
● Cleaning of restrooms and locker rooms
● Cleaning of break rooms and cafeteria
● Floor waxing services

Schools depend on us because of our attention to detail and professional cleaning services. We serve schools in Augusta, Grovetown, Evans, Martinez and North Augusta, GA.