Marble and Stone Cleaning

Natural stone is porous and can harbor bacteria which is why it is recommended to have your natural stone cleaned and sealed every year. Natural stone like marble, granite, terrazzo, travertine, and slate can be softer than man made ceramic tile. This is why cleaning agents must be specifically designed for stone cleaning. Stone is expensive and difficult to replace so maintaining it is essential. Without a professional cleaning service, it is difficult to know the proper way to clean different types of stone. At Imbue Cleaning Solutions LLC we have the trusted experience to get your natural stone cleaned and sealed. We offer deep cleaning, sealing, honing, grinding, polishing, staining, and sealing for all types of natural stone. In Elberton, we have the Georgia Guidestones but in Augusta, you can only trust Imbue Cleaning Solutions to give you all the information you need about your natural stone. Here is a guide to show you just how complicated stone cleaning can be without the help of a professional cleaning company.

  • Marble
  • When cleaning it is important to avoid using vinegar or any abrasive cleaning substances.
  • Granite
  • Granite is a siliceous stone unlike marble meaning it is mostly silica or quartz rather than calcium carbonate. Granite has distinctive crystal patterns. Beware of acidic cleaners like vinegar because it can break down the sealant over time.
  • Terrazzo
  • Terrazzo is a composite material consisting of a binding substance like concrete, layered with chips of natural stone like marble or granite.
  • Travertine
  • Travertine is another calcareous stone like marble. It is a durable and attractive substance that is softer than granite.
  • Slate
  • Slate is a siliceous stone like granite. Colors can vary from gray, dark red, black, and dark green. Slate is often used for flooring and roofing. Vacuuming slate is not recommended as it can damage the surface.

Imbue Cleaning Solutions can provide the total care package for your natural stone at rock bottom prices. Don't risk it, call us today to make sure your stone is taken care of properly.