Leather Cleaning and Restoration

Did you know that even leather fabric can accumulate grime, dust, and dirt over time? This can and will cause your furniture to start smelling. We at Imbue Cleaning Solutions LLC understand the finer details of cleaning your leather furniture and will treat them with the care they need. Leather furniture is at risk for stains that most homeowners don't know about or even have the proper equipment to remove. This makes hiring a professional cleaning service essential to keeping your leather odorless. Our residential services in the Augusta, Grovetown, Evans, Martinez and North Augusta, GA area will give you fast and effective cleaning for your leather furniture. Through experience, we have created a 7-step process to make sure your leather furniture is clean and odorless.

1. Test the leather
2. Determine if the type is protected leather, aniline leather, or nubuck leather
3. Pre-clean and vacuum
4. Pre-treat spots and agitate stains
5. Rinse out all cleaning residue and soil until completely removed
6. Apply leather conditioning to enhance the look and feel
7. Apply protectors that repel soil, stains, and sunlight (optional)
Leather doesn't have to be tough. Call us today so we can restore and protect your leather furniture in Augusta, Grovetown, Evans, Martinez and North Augusta, GA.